Deconstructing the Other

March 15, 2020
Rev. Jonathan Page preaches on the Samaritan woman at the well and uses the story to show how we construct the other in our lives.

The Law of Love

February 23, 2020
Rev. Jonathan Page preaches on the concluding verses of Matthew 5, some of the most iconic and yet most difficult words of Jesus. Specifically, he focuses on the command to…

The Law Fulfilled

February 16, 2020
Rev. Jonathan Page examines the famous "antitheses" in the Sermon on the Mount with a special focus on Jesus and the Mosaic Law. What do we make of Jesus' statements…
Rev. Jonathan Page looks at the benefits of church and church life, especially for those who consider themselves spiritual but not religious. Acknowledging that church can be hard work, he…

MLK: A Life Reconsidered

January 19, 2020
In this sermon Rev. Jonathan Page looks at Martin Luther King, Jr. through the lens of Howard Gardner's book on leadership entitled "Leading Minds."

The Fear of Herod

January 5, 2020
Rev. Jonathan Page preaches an Epiphany sermon by looking at an odd feature of this well known story: Herod's own fear. What does that tell us about tyrants and our…
Rev. Jonathan Page completes his Advent sermon series, Prepare the Way, with an examination of faith. What is faith? As with the other sermons in this series, he uses the…