Growth Group: Christian Mindfulness

Sisters of Mary Magdalene

Sisters of Mary Magdalene is a part of FCC’s Growth Groups program. For more info on the program, click here.

Key Info

  • Schedule: Twice Monthly on Mondays
  • Leader: Catherine “Kitty” Olde
  • Coordinator: Shawn Toskey

Growth Group Description

Sisters of Mary Magdalene is an inclusive group for people of all ages who identify as women and nonbinary to share thoughts, ideas, and talents in a safe and welcoming environment. We encourage discussion on a variety of topics and viewpoints in the hopes of sharing a different perspective, broadening our understanding, encouraging exploration. Sisters use many avenues to spark our discussions including; 1. reading and discussing a variety of books focused on the struggle, achievement, and empowerment of women, 2. Current events impacting the lives of women, 3. The spiritual journey of women and our place in the church. It is part of our commitment to give support, with our time, talents and/or treasures, efforts that impact the lives of women in our community, country, and in the broader world. We are all different and Sisters celebrates our uniqueness.

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