Growth Groups

Welcome to your online FCC Growth Group sign-up center. A Growth Group is a small group of about 10-20 people who agree to meet regularly to check in with one another, to discuss a topic or share an activity, and to progress along their spiritual journeys. Churches are only as strong as the connection among its members, and small groups are the sinews that hold the body together. They are great ways to expand social circles, gain knowledge, support one another, and to serve God.

Joining a group indicates a commitment to attend as many meetings as possible and to pray for each other along the way. Group leaders determine the meeting days, frequency, time, and location/platform (see group descriptions for details). During sign-up periods, you are welcome to join a group for the first time, switch to a different group, or even sign up for a few complementary groups during the same semester.

Fall Growth Group Registration is now open

Fall 2022 Growth Group registration is closed

Please fill out the form if you would like to learn more about the Growth Groups at FCC Houston.


Fall 2022 Growth Group Descriptions (select below for details):

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