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Worship Worship is the central act of the Christian community. We gather together each week to lift up our joys and sorrows in prayer, song, and reflection. Like in most Protestant churches, the sermon is the focus of the service at First Congregational. The sermons seek to engage both your mind and heart through thoughtful interpretations of the Bible. Topics include personal issues, social justice concerns, spiritual lessons, and theological reflection. The sermons aim to challenge as well as to inspire.

At First Congregational you will find a traditional Protestant worship service. We sing hymns out of our very own hymnal and have a skilled and talented choir. We value children in worship, and the service includes a children’s message tailored to them and based on the lesson of the day. We also value lay leadership and participation, which reinforces the fact that we are a congregation of and for the members.

Worship weaves each of us into the tapestry of caring that prepares our hearts for service. From our time of worship we are challenged to carry the love of God into our communities through the mission work of the church as well the simple acts of our own individual lives.

Worship is inspiration, worship is healing, worship is preparation. Join us on Sunday morning at 10:00am as we seek to experience all that God has in store for our lives.

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