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Children's Faith Formation

Children Education Each Sunday, pre-school and elementary aged children gather to hear a Godly Play story and actively wonder about God’s messages. Godly Play is a creative, imaginative approach to Christian formation and spiritual guidance. Children have an innate sense of the presence of God. The Godly Play approach helps them to explore their faith through story, to gain religious language, and to enhance their spiritual experience though wonder and play. Based on Montessori principles and developed using a spiral curriculum, the Godly Play curriculum values process, openness, discovery, community and relationships. Each week, a Godly Play bible story is told with the help of manipulative figures and set pieces, such as the “desert box.” Then, children are asked a series of “wondering questions” to which there are no wrong answers, then they’re allowed to choose their “response” – be it in paint, clay, journaling, Biblical Lego, calligraphy, cartography, or playing with the story itself. Finally, we re-join the circle and enjoy “Feast,” a time of fellowship.

Pre-school and elementary aged children also participate in Joyful Noise, or Joyful Noise in Training (JNITs), our music and drama program where they explore praising God through singing, playing instruments, and movement. The children share their musical and dramatic offerings during the worship service on Pilgrim Sunday, during Advent, and on Palm Sunday.
The reviews for Godly Play are in!
"I like getting to choose whether I want to play with the story characters or make a painting."
"This clay is awesome and it never gets hard so you can make new things every Sunday."
"It’s good because you can work on a project with your friend or you can just do it yourself."
"The animals from Noah’s ark can do tricks, you know!"
"I like thinking about the Christmas story all year because that’s why we’re here, anyway."
"Abraham and Sarah had a son named Laughter, even though they were ooold. Wait – maybe because they were old."
"I like playing in the desert box because it’s not just making a sand castle. These are real people from the bible. A lot of the bible happens in the desert."
"The cool thing about Godly Play is that you think about it between Sundays."
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