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Adult Christian Exploration

Adult Education Adult classes explore various aspects of Christianity, such as spirituality and faith, the Bible and modern books of faith, and present day issues of social justice and community. Each week, guest speakers and FCC members lead thought-provoking and inspirational discussions for personal and community growth.

Adult CE classes are held from 11:30 am to 12:30 p.m. Classes are open to all and are typically a mix of lecture and group discussion. Each Sunday, classes relate to one or more of the following general areas of exploration:

SpiritQuest is an exploration of spirituality and ways to create a more meaningful relationship with God and with others. The range of topics can be quite diverse, but the approach is to look at each one from a perspective of spiritual well-being, rather than an intellectual analysis.

BibleSense is an exploration of the Bible and other writings of faith. The aim is to discover what the authors try to convey and to learn from them, ultimately relating what we learn to our present day. You will encounter a variety of understandings of scripture. You may find a Bible verse or chapter can speak to you differently each time you read it. You will not find any one interpretation or explanation presented to you exclusively. We like to say, "We take the Bible seriously, but not literally".

TheoLogia is an exploration of Christian theology and its interconnection with other faiths. This fascinating class is excellent food for your own journey of discovery. Generally, the theology is progressive, presenting the insights and analyses of present day theologians, ministers and faith leaders, authors, and other leading thinkers; however, the classes also at times may cover any part of the full human history of theology and religion.

InterAction is an exploration of social issues and community needs. These classes are often responding to current events, such as the sponsoring of Syrian refugee families. By examining how our faith influences and instructs us to act, we seek to find ways of making a difference in our world.
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