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Slumber Falls Camping First Congregational Church is a community of people who come together in a multitude of ways to celebrate life, grow spiritually, support each other on our journey, and just to have fun! Explore any and all of what we offer.

FCC ON TAP – Each month church members and friends gather at a local bar or restaurant to talk about faith, theology, current events, or whatever comes to mind. Free childcare is provided to encourage parents with young children to get involved and have fun with fellow FCC folk.

SLUMBER FALLS CAMPING - Twice a year members of the congregation have an opportunity to spend a weekend at idyllic Slumber Falls Campground on the river near New Braunfels. There are cabins for sleeping and outdoor and indoor leisure activities are abundant. Time to relax with friends.
For more info about Slumber Falls Camping www.slumberfalls.com

PILGRIM FESTIVAL - An annual fall celebration of our Pilgrim Heritage. Family Fun, Food, Crafts for sale, Petting Zoo and a sharing of historical facts about those who arrived in the "New World" aboard the Mayflower. Offered without charge to the Houston community just before Thanksgiving, this unique event is a joy to all!

SISTERS OF MARY MAGDALENE - Welcomes women to an evening of good food, fellowship and meaningful discussion based on a book of spiritual interest to women, chosen by the group. Meetings begin with a pot luck meal at 6:30 PM the last Monday of each month, generally held in a private home.

SEEKERS - We eat, but we are not a dinner group. We read books, but we are not a book group. We study, but we are not a class. We discuss, but we are not a discussion group. We pray, but we are not a prayer group. We are a group of spiritual seekers who share our lives with one another and are committed to being present as much as we are able. We seek to deepen our relationship with God, and our experience of the sacred. We seek to expand our vision of how we might contribute to peace and love in the world.

MEN'S LUNCH - Men are invited to meet at Noon at the church on the first Friday of the month for a catered lunch and good fellowship.

BRIDGE CLUBS - FCC has two Bridge Groups. A group of women plays the first Wednesday of the month in a home and the guys and gals play at FCC on the fourth Friday at 7:00 PM.

SECRET FRIENDS - In February, adults and children sign up separately for a chance to become better acquainted with each other. An adult and a child are paired-up and, for two weeks, they contact each other by phone, email or snail mail and may exchange small gifts. The kids are given clues to help guess the identity of their Secret Friend. On a Sunday close to Valentine's Day, the Secret Friends are revealed and there is a party. Many life-long friendships are formed in this activity.

SUMMER SUPPERS - Every summer members and friends are invited to sign-up for supper groups. Participants are divided into groups of six to nine and it is hoped that each group will meet three times, during the summer, to share a meal in a home or restaurant.
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